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 International SEO


International SEO Kya Hai 

International SEO kya hai? 

Ye un sabhi activities ka ek combined naam hai jinke jariye aap search engines ko batate hai ki apki website ke kaun se pages kis country aur kis language ke visitors ke liye hai taki search engines kisi bhi visitors ko sahi page tak bhej sake.

International SEO un websites ke liye kiya jata hai jo ek se jyada countries ya/aur ek se jyada languages ke users ke sath deal karti hai.

International SEO me country targetting, language targetting, aur checkup naam ke 3 parts ho sakte hai.

Language targetting ke liye ham HREFLANG tags ko use karte hai. HREFLANG tags ko bhi is video me explain kiya gaya hai. HREFLANG tag ka tareeka, uske usecase ko aap aaj ke video me janenge.

International Targeting Report:


Language targetting

Hi this is Stephanie from Venga Global.
Here to bring you quick answers to your translation questions.
Today’s question is what is International SEO.
You’ve probably heard of SEO or search engine optimization.
This basically means optimizing your content so that search engines,
such as Google, will rank it higher on the search results page.
International SEO is the same thing but with a few additional considerations.
There are millions of pages about SEO best practices.
So I will leave that to your own research and just focus on the extra
steps here for international SEO.
This includes keyword localization, local content creation,
and search engine preference.
Let's start with keywords.
If you want effective keyword localization, simple translation
may not be your best option.
Here are five steps you should consider.
Transcreate cultural specific terms
for not just the meaning but the
emotional connotations behind the words.
Research and Analytics of international keywords can be necessary.
Sometimes this research might even lead you to consider using back translation
of the words you found in your original content too.
You need to preserve trademark brand or proper names across languages.
And the addition of target language synonyms is a good idea.
The next thing you need to think about is if the new market requires
completely different content.
Some topics are just not interesting or appreciated in some countries.
For instance if you base a whole bunch of content on the skin whitening
benefits of your lotion, which can often be seen in Asia, it will not
be an effective piece of content in a country that values darker skin.
In this case you might want to start from scratch with research and a local
copywriter to create the most attractive angle for that market.
Finally, you can’t ignore the fact that Google is not the only player in
the search engine game.
For example Baidu covers 70 percent of the market in China.
Yandex covers 60 percent in Russia and Naver 80 percent in Korea.
While the basics might be similar.
Each has its own unique ranking algorithms and it's a good idea to make
sure you are optimizing for the right one.
If you want to dig a little deeper into international SEO we’d be happy to
explore options with you. Jump over to our website and reach out.
Until next time.

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